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Northern Beaches COVID-19 Announcement

Dear Member,

Following advice from NSW Health it is recommended that Club Members that reside in the Northern Beaches Local Government Area (LGA) should isolate at home for the next three (3) days and do not attend the Club for any reason during this period.

Members that live outside the Northern Beaches (LGA) that anticipate attending the Club over the coming period, we kindly request;

  • Members and Guests to register via the QR Code (available in the Breezeway) when attending the Club for any reason.
  • It is recommended that you wear a face mask when visiting the Club.
  • DO NOT attend the Club if you feel unwell, have or show any (even mild) symptoms.

This NSW Health advice will impact our operational staff and therefore we will unfortunately have limited or reduced service capability available across the Club over the coming days.

We would appreciate your understanding as we navigate through this period.


Yours sincerely,

Mark Maybury

Chief Executive Officer
Middle Harbour Yacht Club 

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Dear Members,

As a truly difficult year nears its end, I thought it pertinent to update you on the Club’s position and plans looking into the near future. You will recall in our previous messaging that the Board’s strategy and plans were designed to ensure our continued financial security, protect the health and safety of our members and implement a maintenance and refurbishment program during the period of limited services. As the year closes out this mission is largely achieved, and the board is cautiously optimistic going into the New Year with all indications that the COVID crisis will abate through the coming year.

You will have observed that the Harbourview room is now open for limited service on Thursday nights and Saturdays and with the continued relaxing of restrictions will open on Wednesdays as well. Whilst it is simply not viable to serve food and drink upstairs, members are very welcome and encouraged to purchase food and drink in the Sandbar and take it upstairs when the Harborview is open. 

The Board and management are using this COVID period to review the Club’s long term Strategic Plan and to develop and design a masterplan to take the Club forward into the future. We have consulted with our building and design advisors, Council, and other authorities to ensure any works undertaken are feasible. Detailed work continues in developing the masterplan with the Board hopeful of being able to release this to members for comment early in the new year. 

Many of you are keenly interested in the plans for the Club and whilst the details of the masterplan are yet to be finalised, I can give you a little insight into where we are heading. We have been strongly advised that our greatest asset is the beach and most of us are aware of that. As a large part of the Club’s infrastructure and facilities are under-utilised our plan incorporates several stages to further develop and open the Sandbar through to both beaches and creating a much bigger amenity for members. The early stages of this revamp have been completed. The long overdue upgrade to the entrance tiling and gardens is the start of improving the Club’s appearance and further works are underway to improve the entrance and Sandbar area and increase the service capability of the Sandbar kitchen. 

Our new surf ski club is now operating from the beach weekly. The front of the Club is being repainted and new signage, lighting and façade will all be complete before year end. In order to facilitate better use of the Sandbar area means we will relocate tenants so that the first of the work on the Sandbar seating area can be created. Through the early part of next year, it is hoped to proceed quickly to completion of further modifications to the Sandbar. We are planning to do this with the minimal impact on access to the marina and members services generally. We do ask however that whatever inconvenience is caused will be accepted with the anticipation of a vastly improved Club for the enjoyment of all. 

I would like to close by complimenting each and every member on their spirit of co-operation and interest in the club. The fact that we have sailed right through winter and into summer notwithstanding the inconvenience of COVID limitations is a credit to all. The fact that the Club has robustly withstood the shutdown and is in investing in much needed upgrades is also testament to the Middle Harbour spirit. We could not have undertaken these works without members generous financial support through donations to the MHYC Foundation. Above all, the fact that we raised over $100,000 on a new start and mark boat through this period is truly inspiring. Your continued support of the club through the Foundation is always appreciated.

None of these achievements have occurred without the very hard work of our volunteers, Board, Committees, and Management. Please join me in sincerely thanking them for their tireless efforts through these challenging times. I look forward to your feedback as we continue to unveil the new work on the club.


Yours in sailing

Peter Lewis

10 December 2020


MHYC Flare Practice on the Beach November 16th Meeting

The Cruising Division will be hosting flare practice on Monday evening November 16th. Commencing at 8:00 pm immediately after the Cruising Division meeting concludes.

For more information click here


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Ho, ho, ho, Christmas Twilight Sailing

It's that time of year..... Get into the spirit and celebrate Christmas at our next Twilight theme night..... see you there!

Thursday 17th December, 2020

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Pirates of the Middle Harbour

Everoyne had such a great time at our Haloween Twilight Sailing evening despite the weather, that Captain David and First Mate Cath are looking forward to our next theme night..... see you there!

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