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SailPass is here

The SailPass system is being rolled out at clubs around Australia and has been introduced at MHYC from the commencement of the 2019-2020 Sailing Season.  SailPass is a temporary membership that enables someone who is not a sailing member of an affiliated club to go sailing. 

The advantage of SailPass for MHYC boat owners is that it ensures all crew are affiliated with the club, are complying with the racing rules and regulations and have personal accident insurance.  For non-members, SailPass provides a flexible, accessible, easy & affordable introduction to sailing for people new to the sport, online registration is mobile friendly and personal accident insurance is included.

From September 1, 2019 all participants in MHYC races are required to either be MHYC Sailing Members, a financial Sailing Member of another Australian affiliated club, or have a valid SailPass for the day.  Social Members of MHYC or other clubs are required to use SailPass.  MHYC Sailing Members and Sailing Members of other Australian affiliated clubs are not required to use SailPass.

Getting a SailPass is easy.  Unaffiliated sailors can register for a SailPass online via the Australian Sailing RevSport portal and pay online or key in a complimentary code to obtain their SailPass for a day.  Click the SailPass button on the MHYC website homepage to get started or click here.

A MHYC SailPass will be $5 per day for passes purchased for the current year to 31 August, 2020 then $10 per day for passes purchased from 1 September onwards. Owners of boats on the MHYC Yacht Register that are entered into any MHYC Series will receive ten Complimentary SailPass codes that can be distributed to crew at the owner’s discretion.

Individuals can use SailPass at MHYC for no more than 15 days in each membership year.  Any amounts paid for SailPasses at MHYC within a membership year can be credited to a sailing membership in the same year.

If you have any questions about SailPass, call the MHYC Sailing Department on 8969 3103 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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MC38 Act 5

23-24 July 2022

Notice of Race & General Sailing Instructions | Event Appendix

Entry Form | Entrants & Results 

The MC38 Regatta will be conducted by Middle Harbour Yacht Club on July 23-24.






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