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Crew Registration to Continue at MHYC

We have had lots of restrictions put in place since the COVID-19 hit us more than a year ago and we are very lucky in Australia to have mostly contained it even before vaccinations. We thank you all for complying with the special restrictions that been put in for sailing and allowed us to continue enjoying our sport.

For some of these practices, it makes sense to continue in the future. This is especially true for the health and safety issues such as not sharing drinking bottles and food etc. as well as being more aware about hygiene.

One of the practices that we are going to continue is the crew registration for each race. This was not just important for COVID, but also for confirming who is on board in case of an emergency. For that purpose, we have added emergency contact numbers. It also enables us to track Australian Sailing numbers of all crew to ensure those that are sailing are conforming to the rules and regulations of our sport and are insured.

The form is quick and easy to fill in each week as previous details are already populated for you. For most, it is just ticking the box, but if you need to add and additional person, that is also easy. For last minute changes before you leave the dock, you can easily make changes. And for busy boat owners, most boats have a designated person who is responsible for the crew list each week.

From 1st May we will now ask you to fill in the form BEFORE you start racing. It makes sense as we want to know who is on your boat whilst racing just in case. Crew registration for races opens on the Monday prior to each event. 

We thank you for you cooperation in assisting us with make sailing safer for all.

For more information, go to the crew registration page on the keelboat sailing section of the club website – click here