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Wednesday Spring Sailing at MHYC

Mondo enjoying a lovely Wednesday breeze (Lisa Callaghan photo)

Wednesday Sailing Report by Julie Hodder

2nd September 2020

On the first day of spring, most crew could not decide what to wear. Half the crew came dressed for summer in shorts and T-shirts, the other half came dressed for winter sailing. Both were correct at some stage. With a beautiful NE Breeze between 10-15kt, the run down the harbour from Manly to Clarke Island was definitely summer weather. But when you turned around the Island for the work back towards Manly, the colder winter winds won out with many having to put on another layer.

The Wednesday sailing mob is just one big happy family. Today there was a lot of musical chairs for some of our regular crew and skippers – of course all complying with the current COVID rules.

Ian Box’s boat (Toy Box 2), was out of action as it is being antifouled, so he and some of his crew joined us on Nine Dragons. Adrian Walter’s boat (Little Nico) is also getting some work done, so Peter Ryan also joined us on Nine Dragons, whilst the rest of his crew, including Adrian, Mitch White and Andrew Phillips sailed on Khaleesi.

Skipper Rob Reynolds (Exile) had too many crew for the current regulations, so he jumped ship and sailed the MC38 Lazy Dog and let his crew race on Exile.

Gunther Schmidt-Lindner’s boat (Austmark) is having a major refit, but that does not stop most of his sailing team going sailing on Jim Thomas’s Botany Access Cocomo. Jim is also a regular crew on Austmark for Wednesdays, so it is great he and fellow boat owner Keith Le Compte (White Pointer), also a regular for Wednesdays, cannot miss our Wednesday racing. Rumour has it when Austmark gets back on the water, Cocomo will also be out.

This year we are endeavouring to recreate a Division 3 for Wednesdays. For the couple of smaller boats that have been supporting us for many years, this week’s 2nd longest course was a little too long. We are seeking more smaller boats and cruising style boats to come and enjoy harbour racing on Wednesdays.  Contact the club if you are interested.

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MHYC is just a nice place to be after sailing (Phil Clinton photo)