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COVID-19 Update - April 23, 2020

To all our valued Members,

On behalf of the Board and Flags, I send you greetings. We hope you are coping with the stress of the Covid-19 pandemic and that you and your families are safe and well.

I’m sure you are abreast of the latest developments, however, I want to update you on our strategy at the club coming into May. Our best information is that the lockdown will continue in its current form with no defined period end, however, we are starting to see discussions and media about these current laws being gradually lifted. In this regard, we remain on our current footing and are planning for a September 5th opening of the sailing season in line with Government regulations at the time.

If constrictions ease before that time we have been discussing with Australian Sailing and the Commodores of other clubs starting up organised events in a coordinated manner and in line with Government regulations. This is unfolding daily and we will continue to monitor the situation.

The rules about using boats has been unclear and we have posted this week yet another advice from Australian Sailing and have sent this out to all members. We the Commodores have asked Australian Sailing to seek further clarification. We ask you to read the advice this week and comply.         

On a positive note, we are aiming to open the Sandbar Cafe from next Wednesday 29th April for takeaway service observing social distancing, to support those of you currently using the Marina. We are already holding virtual racing and I’m informed of the great enjoyment of all.

Australian Sailing will be holding a National Virtual Sailing Competition for all clubs so we will look to selecting a representative to that end.

As already stated we are hopeful to hold a great celebration on September 5th to open the season, we will theme it Thankyou Day, subject to social gathering rules we are hoping to invite the frontline services in our community. The Membership team are well underway with the planning. With the help of the MHYC Foundation we are initiating work on a facelift at the front of the club. It is hoped this is the beginning of a long road of rejuvenation. I commend the Foundation to you and ask all those who can, to dig deep and help the Foundation develop facilities and youth sailing. Finally, if the view continues to open up with regard to Covid-19, and with the continued support of our members, we are well placed financially to weather the storm.

We would not be here in such good shape without the diligence of the Board, Flags, our volunteers and particularly our loyal and hardworking staff ably lead by our interim GM Bruce Aitken. To you our valued members, our community is a strong one, please stay the course and be safe. If you are experiencing trouble or difficulties reach out to us and we will endeavour to help. We will continue to update you as changes come to hand.

Yours in Sailing
Peter Lewis (Commodore)