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Online Course Entry Terms and Conditions

Online Course Entry – Terms and Conditions
I hereby apply to attend a course at the Middle Harbour Yacht Club Discover Sailing Centre. In so applying and in consideration of my application for the Course being accepted I acknowledge and agree that:
1. The “Centre” means a nationally recognised Australian Sailing Centre and its respective directors, officers, servants or agents responsible for offering the Course that I am seeking to enter or register for.
2. 'Australian Sailing' for the purposes of this application and declaration means and includes Australian Sailing and its respective directors, officers, servants or agents.
3. “State Associations” means the state or territory yachting association and its respective directors, officers, servants or agents which is a constitutional member of Australian Sailing.
4. If accepted I will be permitted to attend the Course subject to complying with the terms and conditions of the Course, this declaration and any reasonable direction issued by the Course organisers or their representatives.
5. The Course rules and this declaration comprise a contract between me and the Centre.
6. Warning: Participation in the Course can be inherently dangerous. Risks including but not limited to overexertion, equipment failure, dehydration, serious accidents, weather conditions, water quality and shark attack can and do happen which may result in me being personally injured or my property being damaged. I have voluntarily read and understood this warning and accept and assume the inherent risks in the Course. If required, the Centre will arrange medical or hospital treatment (including ambulance transportation).  I authorise such actions being taken by the Centre where my further consent cannot be obtained and agree to meet all costs associated with such action.
7. Exclusion of Liability: Except where provided or required by law and such cannot be excluded, I agree that it is a condition of my registration on the Course (if accepted) that the Centre is absolved from all liability however arising from injury or damage however caused (whether fatal or otherwise) arising out of my participation in the Course.
8. Release and Indemnity:  I understand that part of the fees paid to the Centre will pay for limited insurance cover in the event of an injury. Under the Australian Sailing arranged Personal Accident Policy any injury which causes permanent, total or partial loss of any limb or impairment of sight provides limited provision for payment of treatment expenses over and above medical benefits. In consideration of the Centre accepting my application for entry to the Course I: 
(a) release and forever discharge the Centre, Australian Sailing and its State Associations from all Claims that I may have or may have had but for this release arising from or in connection with my participation in the Course; and 
(b) indemnify and hold harmless the Centre, Australian Sailing and its State Associations to the extent permitted by law in respect of any Claim by any person including but not only another participant in the Course arising as a result of or in connection with my participation in the Course.
9. In this clause 'Claims' means and includes any action, suit, proceeding, claim, demand, damage, penalty, cost or expense however arising but does not include a claim in respect of any action, suit, etc made by any person entitled to make a claim under a relevant Course or Centre insurance policy.
10. Fitness to Participate: I declare that I am and must continue to be medically and physically fit and able to participate in the Course.  Should I suffer from an allergy and/or require medication for a pre-existing condition I shall fully declare all necessary details to the Centre.  I am not and must not be a danger to myself or to the health and safety of others. I will immediately notify the Centre in writing of any change to my fitness and ability to participate. I understand and accept that the Centre will continue to rely upon this declaration as evidence of my fitness and ability to participate.
11. Privacy: I understand that the information I have provided is necessary for the conduct of the Course and for the Objects of Australian Sailing and its State Associations. I acknowledge and agree that the information provided will only be used by the Centre, Australian Sailing and its State Associations to facilitate the conduct of the Course and other Courses conducted by the Centre, Yachting Australia or its State Associations.
12. I acknowledge and consent to photographs and videos being taken of me during participation in Centre activities and authorise the Centre, Australian Sailing and its State Associations to use such photographs and videos for promotional or other sailing and boating development and marketing purposes without my further consent being obtained. Further, I consent to the Centre, Australian Sailing and its State Associations using my name, image, likeness and performance in any Centre, Australian Sailing or State Association activities, at any time, to promote the Centre, Australian Sailing or its State Associations by any form of media.
13. I understand that I will be able to access my information through the Centre, Australian Sailing or the relevant State Association.
14. I acknowledge that the Centre and Australian Sailing may also use my personal information in accordance with the Australian Sailing Privacy Policy. I may advise Australian Sailing if I do not wish to receive information from Australian Sailing or any Australian Sailing sponsors or third parties.
15. Prevailing conditions: The Course and the conduct of, and participation in the Course will be affected by weather and associated conditions.
16. Given there is often an element of the 'luck of the prevailing conditions' in entering in the Course I acknowledge and agree that the Course organisers cannot control weather and associated conditions.
17. Where the applicant for the Course is under 18 years of age the parent or guardian of the applicant expressly agrees to be responsible for the applicant's behaviour and agrees to personnally accept the conditions set out above including the provision of a release and indemnity in the terms set out above.
Code of Conduct
Australian Sailing places great value on the time and commitment all participants invest and will not accept behaviour which breach the Racing Rules of Sailing or the relevant Code of Conduct detailed in its Member Protection Policy. The key expectations are to: 
  • Encourage participants to play by the rules and respect the officials decisions and that of the Event or event organiser;
  • Abide by the law;
  • Appreciate good performances and the skill of all participants;
  • Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from activities; and
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every participant regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.
Refund Policy
Unless otherwise specified by the Centre if an individual cancels their participation in the Course, then the refund policy is set out below:
Notice period of Cancellation - Greater than 7 days prior to the Course: 100% refund of the course fee less an administrative fee of A$50
Notice period of Cancellation - Less than 7 days but more than 24 hours: 50% refund of the course fee
Notice period of Cancellation - Less than 24 hours or failure to attend: No refund
The Notice period of Cancellation for the Course is prior to the first session of the Course. Once the course has commenced you cannot cancel your participation and you will be liable for the entire fee whether you attend all or some part(s) of the Course.
I have read, understood, acknowledge and agree to the above declaration including the warning, exclusion of liability, release and indemnity.  I acknowledge that if my application to enter the Course is successful I will be entitled to participate in the Course.

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School Holiday Program

School Holiday Programs Junior (6-12 yrs) and Youth (13-18 yrs)

Junior Holiday Camps - Tackers 

Tackers is an introductory, fun, games-based sailing program designed for kids aged 7 to 12.  Kids do not need to have any prior sailing experience. The only requirement is that they must be ready to have fun!! All equipment is provided. In the stunning waters of Middle Harbour, kids are taught how to sail amongst sheltered bays and pristine waters. Using many of the secluded bushland beaches, our team of fully qualified and experienced instructors provide a fun and healthy learning experience that engages and challenges the students.

There are three levels to the Tackers program that your child can progress through:


Programs are either delivered as a 4 day holiday program. Kids receive a Tackers 1 kit and a certificate of achievement at the completion of each program.The Tackers program is delivered in small groups by an Australian Sailing qualified Instructor and Assistant Instructors.

Little Tackers is a special experience of Tackers, especially for 5-7 year olds prior to enrolling in a Tackers 1 – Having Fun course. It’s not a prerequisite to Tackers 1 but does give kids the chance to get out on the water and see the types of games and activities that Tackers offers. The Little Tackers includes a 2.5 hour session with a qualified Instructor and Assistant Instructor and a certificate of achievement and costs $40. If kids enjoy the Tackers Intro, Tackers 1 – Having Fun is a great next step.

Tackers 1 – Aimed at providing a fun, safe, and affordable way to get into sailing. Tackers 1 introduces children to the basics of sailing through games on and off the water. This is using the buddy system of 2 kids per boat. On completion of the course all tackers receive a Tackers 1 Certificate, t-shirt, water bottle and a cap

The next level is Tackers 2 – Tricks & Techniques. Aims to build on the fun participants had at Tackers 1, progressing their sailing skills by sailing solo and teaching the basics of all angles of wind and beginner rules so that they can sail a boat on their own with lots of support, supervision and encouragement from the Instructor and Assistant Instructors. On completion of the course, tackers will receive a Tackers 2 Certificate.

The final level of the Tackers program is Tackers 3 – Sailing Fast! Focuses on advancing sailing skills through games and adventures on the water. This includes the start of our junior sailing program and further knowledge of rules, wind and sailing skills. On completion of the course, all tackers will receive Tackers 3 Certificate.

The fun doesn’t stop when kids finish Tackers 3. The Middle Harbour Yacht Club offers a Junior Sailing Program for kids to progress onwards. The Junior Sailing Program is a type of introductory, fun racing where kids learn how to go around a race course with kids of similar ability, where the main focus is on enjoyment.

Upcoming Courses

School Holiday Tackers Programs

Please note that the Youth Sailing Program requries MHYC Youth Membership (2017/2018 Season $99.00) This can be arranged through course registration

Time: 9am – 3.00pm.

Where: Middle Harbour Yacht Club

How much: $395.00 Members - $495.00 Non members (Incl MHYC Membership)

Enrolment: Click the course enrolment button below.

10th - 13st July 2017 - 0900 - 1500 -  $495.00 (MHYC Members $395.00)

MHYC will once again be running our fantastic Holiday program these School Holidays. The program provides a fun, safe and affordable introduction to sailing and the marine environment. Programs are tailored to age groups and conducted in the safety of Middle Harbour under the supervision of fully qualified instructors. We can give your child the best possible experience!



Youth Holiday Camps 

This program is aimed at getting teens (11 - 18 year olds) into the sport of sailing. MHYC uses a three step process to teach the fundamentals of sailing (including spinnaker and trapeze use), based on the Australian Sailing, Discover Sailing Program.  Its a great way to make new friends, adventuring around the Harbour and learning all the aspects to sailing. In this camp, the sailors will be learning on MHYC's Club 420s, which are great fun boats for learning. (photo below)


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Adventure Squad email

Hi guys


Just a quick email to let you know that Adventure Squad is on for this coming term and starts up this Saturday the 3rd of May.

I will be back running the course this coming term, and it looks like the warmish weather and water will be with us for some time yet.





The very high water temperatures should continue a similar weather pattern to what we have now, with a few foggy mornings on the cards as the overnight air temperature drops.

The good news is though, warm water is the most important component when dinghy sailing.

The occasional westerly will start to come through with the first significant one due this weekend. These help us unlock some of the big journeys in Adventure Squad, allowing for fast reaching legs across to the eastern and northern parts of the Harbour


Enrolments can be made here.




A big thanks go out to every one who has helped with the YA filmshoots as part of the Adventure Squad days.

Victoria who has been doing the filming has been quite impressed by the level of sailing that she has seen, and I think it shows in the videos.





For those of you that haven’t yet sailed in Adventure Squad, it’s a course run on Saturdays from 1230 – 430pm.


Adventure Squad is sailed in the club Opti’s or private Optimists, and is open to all tackers 3 graduates and above.


Designed for kids who are either not quite ready to tackle the rigours of racing, or who just want to spend some time exploring the many hidden coves of Sydney Harbour.

The syllabus steps away from competition, and has a focus on weather forecasting and passage planning.


The kids all prepare a plan for the day using all the appropriate information, and then we decide as a group what the best plan is and why, and get going.

Some adventures so far have taken us as far as Manly wharf for fish and chips, 40 baskets beach for some hiking, right up river to Bantry Bay and across the harbour to Parsley Bay in Valcluse.


Adventure Squad also provides a large amount of time on the water for practicing all those boat handling techniques,

and building the confidence and independence that we all love to see develop in these youngsters.


Stay tuned for new courses too, I’ll be hopefully developing a similar concept for the Cadets and the 420s this winter, ready to launch next spring.




Leon Wilson|Head Instructor MHYC Junior Sailing

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Youth Sailing - Terms & Conditions

Risk Acknowledgment Sailing is a high risk sport and is affected by uncontrollable and difficult to predict elements of nature.  Possible risks include;

Injury caused by contact with the boat. Possible injuries are not limited to bruises,cuts and scratches. Reflective glare from water causes more rapid sunburn. Due to this, it is recommended that all competitors apply sunscreen before racing and reapply where necessary throughout the event.

Hats and sunglasses are also recommended. There are many unseen risks in the yacht club and beach including oysters, sharp objects, nail or splinters and slippery surfaces. To reduce injury, it is a club requirement that all sailors are wearing enclosed shoes whilst in the clubhouse and its surroundings.

When sailing dinghies with the inshore water, really serious injuries of the type that cause permanent disability or even death are very rare but do occur. As with all water sports, the possibility of drowning is also present. Sailors attention is drawn to RRS 4. Middle Harbour Yacht Club takes all of these risks seriously and has measures in place to reduce potential incidents. However not all the risks can be avoided and sometimes accidents happen.

I acknowledge that this waiver covers activities conducted at Middle Harbour Yacht Club, referred to here as the Club. I understand that participating in any sailing event may involve strenuous activity and I declare that I am physically fit to participate in every aspect of these activities and that I am aware of and accept the risks of participating in this event.

I hereby waive any claims that I may have against Middle Harbour Yacht Club or its officers and agents as a result of any action or omissions on their part in connection with any activity at any time at Middle Harbour Yacht Club.

Media and Personal Information I understand that I or the minor whom I am responsible may be photographed while racing and I hereby give permission for the use of my name or the name of the minor to whom I am responsible to be used in all forms of media for the promotion of the club and event.

I also hereby confirm that all the information provided by me herein is true and correct and if any information changes I will notify Middle Harbour Yacht Club at the earliest point foreseeable.

I agree to be bound by the racing Rules of the ISAF and all other rules that govern this event. I acknowledge that all those taking part in the races do so at their own risk and that none of the Organizing Authority, Middle Harbour Yacht Club, their officials or members are responsible for the seaworthiness of a yacht whose entry is accepted, or for the efficiency or adequacy of its equipment.

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Boats for Sale




Optimist 571 - 2008 OziOpti- complete


 *Great condition & ready to race

*3 sails (championship,
weekend racing and training)
*Black & Gold Spars
*Beach Dolly
*Top & bottom covers
*Price: $2,600
Stuart 0459 840 060
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Location:  Manly, NSW


Optimist 705 - OziOpti- complete

*Great condition & ready to race

*Proven Performer and Multiple Winner,
*Top & bottom covers
* 2 sails (1 North)
*Price: $2490.00


Stuart 0417344955
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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