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Martyn Colebrook experiences the joys of offshore racing at Fastnet

Martyn Colebrook (top left) on Alcibiades crossed the finish line of the 2019 Fastnet race at 4am on Wednesday morning.

Martyn wrote to us a little later that morning "Glad it is over. An English summer with 6 layers and still chilly!

The perpetual dampness was the worst. Seeing the finish line was the best. We managed to go backwards when the wind died. The Rock was most impressive. A great feat of engineering. Contrary to weather predictions we had to beat most of the way past the Scilly Isles in pounding seas.

The return journey was much more pleasant, surfing down the Atlantic swell in 20 knots of wind. Fastest recorded boat speed was 15 knots. Sunshine appeared on the last day. We counted 8 pods of dolphins accompanying us at various stages.

We finished at 0405. One beer in the 24 hour beer tent before bed."
Fantastic crew, well done!